12 Things Every Mom Thinks During Her Baby's Baptism, But Doesn't Say Out Loud

For those who are religious, like I am, your baby's baptism can be a very special, memorable time. It signifies a new beginning, a new life and the hope that, one day, your child will accept your faith as their own. For many families, this is a crucial life moment and one that is looked forward to for years (sometimes before the baby is even conceived). However, for as joyous a day as it can and usually is, it can be stressful, too. I mean, think about all the things that could possible go wrong. I don't doubt that there are things every mom thinks during her baby's baptism that aren't entirely positive and, in turn, are things those moms refuse to say out loud.

I know I sure did. A baptism may not seem that intimidating for the parent because, well, the focus is on the baby and what is being represented to and for them. However, when a baby is involved it's not uncommon for even the most mundane situations to quickly turn into epic disasters the likes of which, well, only the bible has really seen. A simple photo shoot can end with a stream of poop (ew) and a dinner can turn into a screaming, tantrum-throwing debacle (ugh). You get the gist.

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With a baptism, there are a slew of potential problems you probably didn't even consider until your baby was beautifully dressed, standing in front of the church, waiting for the pastor to begin. It's almost like a wedding, I would imagine: you're under a lot of pressure and in front of a large crowd and you don't really think about it until you're standing in that dress (or tux). Turns out, your baby really isn't the only focus, you are too, and with a baby, trying to juggle what you need to say and do (with the impending doom that may or may not occur) can turn a beautiful celebration into a stressful situation. Here are just a few things I thought during my daughter's baptism, because just like any other part of parenthood, the wonderful and the taxing just go hand-in-hand.  Continue reading...

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