13 Things Every Woman Is Definitely Thinking During Her Own Baby Shower

If I'm being honest, I must admit that I almost didn't have a baby shower. In fact, if it wasn't for a best friend insisting that I allow her to throw me one, it never would have happened. I had a pretty difficult pregnancy so celebrating both my pregnancy and my future baby seemed, well, almost like I was tempting fate. Still, my friend won out because she's amazing, and I found myself thinking the things every woman thinks during her own baby showeron one perfectly sunny afternoon, surrounded by my dearest friend as they asked me to open presents, eat all the food and talk about how nervous I was when it came to labor and delivery.

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Turns out, I'm really thankful that my friend forced me to have a baby shower. That afternoon gathering was small, intimate, personal and so much fun. My nearest and dearest friends got together, talked about our lives and how we had all changed since college, had the most delicious food I think anyone could possibly have, and I made fun of my friends as they enjoyed a few alcoholic beverages (while I sipped on water). We all just, you know, enjoyed one another. Both men and women were present, so I guess I can't say I had a "traditional" baby shower, but I did have the perfect baby shower for me, and it's one of those moments I know I will always remember.

Still, that perfect day didn't keep me from thinking the things I'm just going to assume every soon-to-be mom thinks when she's surrounding by family and friends, being lavished with wonderful gifts and so close to her due date she's probably miserable. While I had a wonderful time, I was also pretty uncomfortable (physically) and super tired, so if you're gearing up for your baby shower but kind of, you know, dreading it; it's OK. YOu're not ungrateful or a bad friend or even a bad mom, you're just a pregnant woman who is exhausted. If you think the following things, I promise you're not hing more than "normal."  See original article...

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