Creative ways to ask someone to be a godparent

Here's one story of how parents asked the godparents with gifts:

    godmother and godfather wine glass with godfather movie logo and godmother with wand and fairy dust

As a couple, we decided we were going to make it a special event. First we found these really nice godparent baptism gift wine glasses and had them personalized with both the Godmother & Godfather's names.  I arranged a dinner with 3 couples (godfather and godmother NOT husband and wife). We went to a restaurant where we're very friendly with the staff. My husband and I arrived earlier with the glasses in a bag-labeled so the waiter would know which woman and which man to give the glasses to. We asked the waiter to tell the table after dinner that they wanted to buy us a bottle of wine. So after dinner, he came back to the table and served everyone a glass of wine in stems, but theirs were stemless. They didn't seem to really notice right away until the godfather's wife said, "is there something on your glass?".

The godmother and godfather luckily were sitting next to each other and started to scream!! They got up to come and hug us and were truly surprised and thrilled. We hadn't even mentioned the christening with them yet because we didn't want them to start wondering who the godparents would be.  Our daughter was 6 weeks at the time.

The godmother says that it was such a special way to "pop" the question she feels like she got engaged again!! Hahaha!! I'll send along a pic!

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