Baby Names 2016: These Are Already Taking Over 2016

It’s a new year, which means new baby names are on the rise.

To find out the hottest monikers of 2016 right now, Nameberry looked at names that attracted the most unique visitors on their site. Relying on data from over six million visits in the past 30 days, the site then tracked the top names that increased in interest by 50 per cent or more over the same time frame last year.

The results gave way to some interesting trends, but one in particular struck our attention. According to the findings, some of the hottest names of 2016 have a “distinct international flavour.” These names include Astrid (Scandinavian), Xanthe (Greek), Amara (African), Eamon (Irish), and Kai (Hawaiian).


It’s not hard to see why foreign baby names are gaining popularity. Not only are they unique in style and sound, but they also have deep meaning. The Indo-Iranian baby name Aryan, for instance, means “warrior” or “honourable.” Additionally,  parents often lean towards these names because of their cultural connection.  Continue reading...

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