5 tips for preparing an older child for a new baby in the family

Having a new baby is exciting, but it can also be a time of tremendous upheaval for the older siblings. At first, your older daughter may be super psyched to have a baby in the house to hold and to feed — after all, it's a real-life game of house! But many kids will soon face the harsh reality that mom or dad is more tired, more stressed and less available than before the little bundle's arrival. The good news is that life with a new baby gets easier from the moment they're born — the little tyrant's routine of crying, pooping and eating doesn't rule the house forever. Meanwhile, there are some things you can do to ease the adjustment your older kids experience from having a new sibling. Read on for some tips:

1. Involve them in the prepping process. Whether it be helping to pick out colors for the nursery or going through the closet to give the baby their old toys or clothes, your kids will be less resentful of the new baby if they were involved in the new baby preparations from the start. Be sure to tell them about the new baby growing in your tummy well in advance of its arrival to give them time to get used to the idea. Let them feel the baby kick so they can get to know the baby even before it arrives and read plenty of books about new babies and siblings.

2. Listen to their worries. For a younger child who is not aware of his feelings, bring it up while you're giving him a bath or giving him dinner and listen to what he is concerned about, before or after the baby comes. Reassure him that even though ...continue reading...

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