Your Ultimate Guide For A Perfect Baby Shower; What You Need To Know

A baby shower is definitely an exciting moment because it's a celebration of life. Hence, it is very important to make everything perfect from the invitation, venue to the menu. And here is a handy planning guide to make your memorable event perfect.

Select the perfect date and time.

Baby shower is usually held during the last two months of pregnancy. However, there are many couples prefer to celebrate until the baby arrives. So, better consult the guest of honor or the couple which is they like the most, either before or after birth of the newest member of the family.

Choose the perfect location. Baptism gift for godparents martini glasses with godfather logo and magic wand

Think what the parents-to-be would appreciate the most. If they like everything to be intimate and private, then at home is the most ideal. But if they have a bigger budget and you need to accommodate a larger guest list, then better hold the event at a restaurant.

Think of a lovely theme.

Thinking of a perfect theme ahead of time can help you beautifully organize everything from the invitations to decorations. Hence, you should think of a theme that will perfectly match the mom's personality. You can also choose a theme that will reflect.... Continue reading

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