With so many products on the market, moms of newborns can easily get overwhelmed.

It seems we need so many things in the car to keep baby protected and with so many items to choose from, what do you really need and how do you choose?

"Look for items that are crash tested. So of course you don't want to have anything that if you were, God forbid, in a crash, you want something that is shatter resistant as a mirror or something that won't be seen as a projectile. So that's really important to think about when you are purchasing those items," suggests Adrienne O'Hara, Babies"R"Us spokesperson.

And it's not just crash tested, some newer seats are also rollover tested.

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"That is something that is new coming to the market are rollover tested car seats. So it's an important feature for parents to keep an eye out for," said O'Hara.

But before you get these products out of teh box, remember to register.

Fill out the product card either online or mail it in.  See video...

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