Why Justin Bieber Was Baptized In An NBA Player’s Bathtub

When Justin Bieber was in the midst of what’s been described as a public downward spiral, he turned to someone in particular for help: Jesus. And Carl Lentz.

As the lead pastor at Hillsong Church in Manhattan, Lentz has become known as the “rockstar pastor,” counseling celebrities on matters of faith when he’s not leading his come-as-you-are congregation. Lentz began talking to Bieber after an introduction from a West Coast pastor, Judah Smith, and that’s when Lentz learned of Bieber’s interest in baptism.

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“The choices he had made ― he got to a place where he was like, ‘I want to start fresh.’” Lentz says.

Lentz speaks with Oprah about Bieber’s baptism on this weekend’s “SuperSoul Sunday,” where he details the story from beginning to end. When Bieber and Lentz first discussed baptism, Lentz says he explained its intention as “an outward sign of what God’s doing inward.” This resonated strongly with the singer, who Lentz says was ready to commit himself to Jesus in a way that he hadn’t done before.

“He has had a relationship with Jesus, and his mom did a great job doing her best to plant the right seeds. But you can get to a point as a man where it goes from being your mama’s relationship ... to yours,” Lentz says.  continue reading...

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