Words can't express how amazing these little bottles have already been for support postpartum.

This was my 7th pregnancy and I have NEVER had a pregnancy like this one. I've never felt more amazing. The changes we have made to our life + the supplements + the oils have made this a WHOLE new ballgame. 

It makes SUCH a difference to take the initiative and make life changes. 
I used oils the entire pregnancy and am considered "high risk" due to my previous history. They were such a beautiful support and have continued to be so postpartum..... I have LOVED knowing im using something so natural, so safe & clean. I am a week out and also have never felt more supported postpartum, I wish so bad I had started on this journey years ago. 

Im forever grateful!!!!

baptism gifts

Also,  I also had yet another friend this week come back with a positive MTHFR diagnosis (she's also had multiple losses)- it effects soooooo many people yet most people are never tested.   Continue reading...

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