Canadian Customers

Canadian Customers

Godfather Gifts


Canadian Customers: When you check out, FedEx Standard shipping will be charged for your Canada 'ship to' address. With Canadian shipments there are a few important things to note:

Prices are typically more expensive due to the inclusion of customs clearance costs.

Also, the shipping price will not include any taxes that Canada chooses to impose on the inbound shipment. Such taxes are determined during border crossing, and become due when the package is received. Your FedEx delivery driver will need to collect these taxes before releasing your package, or they may opt to bill you.

We also cannot guarantee delivery dates. Upon occasion, FedEx will hold random packages at the border. Paperwork may or may not need to be filed by us, the shipper, and by you, the recipient.

Finally, on Canadian shipments we do have to limit our liability on glassware broken during shipping. We will take responsibility for the cost of any broken glassware itself, but we cannot take responsibility for the shipping cost of shipping any replacements.