Personalized 5L Bootlegger Cask from The Godfather Movie

Paramount Pictures


Absolutely the single most outrageous gift you can get for cocktail connoisseurs! Our Godfather Bootlegger: Perfect recipes for Bourbon, Irish / Scotch Whiskey & Rum.  Or, age your favorite store bought so it's even better!

  • Personalized with name (included in price - please enter your personalization below)
  • Large capacity so you have plenty to share with friends (available in 2 & 5 Liter)
  • High grade Italian wrought iron stand

5 Liter Bootlegger Details:
- Oak barrel - charred inside for aging spirits
- Barrel 9.5 inches long
- Barrel 8 inches wide (diameter)
- Stand 7 inches wide
- Stand 11 inches wide

The value is the increased surface area ratio which ages spirits over 10 times faster for your existing store bought spirits. So, you can make LOW SHELF whiskey into TOP SHELF whiskey in weeks... or, age your favorite TOP SHELF even more!

A Handcrafted Oak Cask, as if it was produced right in Corleone Sicily, this not just an ornamental piece to show your to friends and Godfather movie lovers. No, this Bootlegger will age your favorite spirit in weeks.

Read more about aging whiskey in Oak barrels...

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